04 Feb 7:00 am

The Power Of The Mind

February 4, 2020
Join Life Coach, Anne Vitocco, for an enlightening presentation and learn how to communicate more effectively to ensure successful and happy connections with the people in your life, professional and personal. Anne helps others step outside their comfort zone, to be excited by the unknown, to recognise opportunity and reach their limitless potential to become the best they can possibly be. We all have the potential to achieve great things in life; it all begins with how we think!
03 Mar 7:00 am

Overcoming Hurdles

March 3, 2020
An inspirational journey of resilience and reinvention Jana Pittman’s story is a roller coaster of triumph, defeat, failure and success. As an Olympian, mother, author, speaker and doctor, her story embraces the peaks and troughs that helped shape her career and build her into who she is today.